Morning Sickness and Acupuncture

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If you are a pregnant woman experiencing morning sickness, you'll want to drink water all throughout the day. This likely won't be easy since water can sometimes bring on nausea during morning sickness. But you need to fight through it as it is very important to stay hydrated, which is true all the time, but it's especially true now. Of course you can always substitute water for your favorite beverage so that you can be free of the symptoms of morning sickness once and for all. You can always try ginger ale, chilled water with freshly squeezed lemon juice added to it, or you can combine each of them and have herbal iced tea that has the lemon juice and also ginger in it. One treat you can try is to make a smoothie that includes fresh fruit along with fresh yogurt. Incidentally, yogurt is very good for the digestion process and so it's always recommended for a pregnancy diet as it can help you feel better during your times of morning sickness.

Consuming certain foods and avoiding other foods can help you lessen the strength of your morning sickness symptoms. Some foods, like those that are fatty and deep fried, should be avoided because they will make your morning sickness worse. Bland foods like crackers, toast and whole grain hot cereal can ease your symptoms. You can also eat yogurt (if it isn't overly sweetened) to ease your symptoms. Eating many small meals throughout the day is better than eating just a few bigger ones. You also need to pay attention to what you are eating--over time you'll figure out which foods make your symptoms worse and then you'll be able to stay away from them. It is true that you need to get lots of rest while you are pregnant; it is true that resting can help you work through your morning sickness symptoms; it is also true that lying down right after eating can set off a morning sickness attack.

One morning sickness remedy that can be very effective is acupuncture. Not everybody puts faith in this type of treatment, but many medical experts believe that it can help with a variety of ailments. The Chinese have used acupuncture for thousands of years and while it isn't clear about its ability to cure things, it is quite helpful in reducing symptoms. If you are scared of needles, you should think about trying acupressure or reflexology, which involve the pushing down on specific points of the body and not the use of needles. Finding a practitioner of these skills is easy to do, and you can also use a book or instructions found online to help you do the treatments on yourself. All of these can be helpful as morning sickness remedies. In conclusion, while some discomfort is normal during pregnancy, treating some of them (like morning sickness) is easy. If you learn how to properly watch your diet, get a lot of rest and use these tips, you can easily minimize the discomfort your morning sickness is causing you.
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Morning Sickness and Acupuncture

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This article was published on 2010/10/23