The Window

in Morning

It was a cool and overcast morning when this journey began. Rising from the warm and comfortable slumber, I stepped out onto the cold bedroom floor and threw on my robe. The chill in the room air awoke me with a startle. Walking over to the large picture window, I opened the curtains to an amazing garden, glistening with morning dew. Each flower petal was magnified with the shimmering water, which had not been taken by the sun. Under the window sill was a large beautiful red rose just opening its petals to the morning. This brought me to reflecting upon my own journey unfolding before me. I felt a sense of hope in this self contained darkness which had enveloped me these past few days. The silence I had been experiencing within my mind had become maddening, if it were not for the rhythm of life surrounding me.

How did I come to this place? Life had been so full of promise, beauty and light, and then came the darkness which is my present. Waiting in the silence, I wandered again to the garden window. One the other side of the glass pane, and for now, out of reach, was a new beginning filled with growth and expansion. I can only gaze for now upon the bright colors and the simple complexity of it all.

A voice cried out from the distance breaking the silence in the room. I opened the door to hear my name being called out and suddenly the serenity of the morning was gone. I have been summoned to rise, dress and begin a journey that will be far reaching and at times difficult. I have chosen this path long before I came here, for by completing it I will attain completion within my soul. I will once again return to this room when my journey is done and I will find the window to be no more. A door will be in its place and I will be able to enter the beautiful garden, of which now I can only gaze upon. I will join the vibrant life and color of which this morning has given me a glimpse of and I will leave it no more, for at that moment I will have returned home and Peace will be mine to hold.

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The eldest of three children, I was raised in a christian home in rural Illinois. A college graduate , I chose a career path in the medical field. Married and divorced, I guided two children to adulthood. From a very early age I have known of a strong spiritual presence in my life and I feel privileged to share their guidance. For more inspirational writings please visit her at

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The Window

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This article was published on 2010/04/02